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Uddiyana Bandha

In the previous post we talked about Mula Bandha, now let’s see what Uddiyana Bandha is. Uddiyana means…

17 June 2019

Full Yogic Breath

Complete yogic breathing is considered the ideal breathing, thanks to which it is possible to use the lung…

6 May 2019

Mula Bandha

It certainly happened to you during a Yoga class or reading a book to meet the word Bandha.…

30 April 2019


Ahiṃsā (devanagari अहिंसा) is a Sanskrit term generally translated as “non-violence“, consisting of a, “non”, and hiṃsā, a desirable form…

8 April 2019

Why Meditate

Meditation may seem like a very strange practice or an end in itself for those who approach it…

5 May 2018

Yogic Diet

Talking about yogic nutrition means above all referring to foods that not only bring energy and lightness but…

18 March 2018

Not Just Postures

Practicing yoga does not only mean correctly performing positions, knowing how to do many, or knowing how to…

25 January 2018