Uddiyana Bandha

In the previous post we talked about Mula Bandha, now let’s see what Uddiyana Bandha is.

Uddiyana means to lift, and refers to the lifting of the diaphragm.

This bandha is practiced by pushing the muscles of the abdomen in and towards the navel – exhaling – and then holding the breath.
The abdomen must be released when you feel the need to breathe again.

During uddiyana bandha the belly falls significantly, this strange effect occurs because the diaphragm is pushed upwards, in this way the chest expands, even if the lungs are empty of air. Obviously it is a technique that must be practiced on an empty stomach.

At the level of the navel there is also Manipura Chakra, or our “energy generator”. This chakra stimulates the adrenal endocrine glands and the pancreas.

Benefits of uddiyana bandha

  • tones the diaphragm;
  • massages the heart;
  • stimulates spleen, liver and intestines;
  • has beneficial effects on digestion.

How is it practiced?

  • Stand up
  • Separate your legs shoulder-width apart
  • Inhale deeply from your nostrils
  • Exhale, bend forward and place your hands just above your knees
  • Keep your arms straight and your legs slightly bent
  • When you have completely emptied your lungs, pull the abdominal region inwards, especially the area above the navel, and push it up and towards the spine
  • Keep your breath as long as you can, always without forcing
  • When you feel the need to breathe again, relax your abdomen, lift your upper body and breathe in slowly
  • Relax your breath for a few seconds before repeating

I hope this article has been useful to you, in the next posts we will also talk about the other bandhas. If you found it useful, let me know in the comments!

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