Yoga Pro Wheel

Yoga Pro Wheel is an innovative fitness tool that can be used to gain flexibility, strength, improve yoga practice and overall health.

Yoga Pro Wheel is available in two different variants: Yoga Pro Plus and Yoga Pro Lite (a slightly smaller and lighter version of the Pro Plus, designed especially for those who travel and want to take it with them).

Created by the international yoga and Instagram fitness teacher influencer Kerri Verna, the Yoga Pro Plus is designed to help anyone, regardless of their training or fitness level, become stronger and more flexible throughout the body.

Working daily on the Pro Plus helps relieve muscle tension, builds abdominal and arm strength, relieves back pain and relieves joint stiffness.

Yoga Pro Wheel includes two blocks that can be used to hold the wheel steady and stabilize it during the exercises, or they can be used in yoga practice as two very normal blocks.
It also has a bar that can be inserted in any hole inside the wheel to carry out exercises that allow you to open your shoulders or work on your abs, or it can be released from the wheel and used separately for targeted exercises.

The Yoga Pro Lite is the newest addition to the Yoga Pro Wheel products, it weighs less than 1kg and the diameter, compared to the Pro Plus, is smaller than about 2.5 cm. It is ideal for those who travel and want to take the wheel with them, for children, for those with limited space or for those who are starting to embark on a fitness journey.

All wheels are made of ecological materials, high quality and long lasting, ensuring high performance.

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